Tuesday, April 15, 2008

It is now April and....

I still didnt move to this blog yet.
I think this blog will be like an
"extra Page" to my other blog.
I am not certain how or what way
I will set it up, whether I put
the files here and leave previews
there, or use the other blog as an
archive of all my "older" freebies.
This way I can leave them up along
with the previews. I dont know..(sigh)
Right now I cant put alot of thought
into it.
I may also be getting involved in
doing a store with another scrapper
Jackie (from Jackies Angels)
If I do get involved with the store,
I promise you this.....
I wont be like the others who left
you hanging with little to no freebies.
I will continue posting the freebies the
same as I do now. I wouldnt do that to
you all. I know how that feels when you
get to liking a designer and they go
Commercial and they throw you a bone
once in awhile. There was one woman in
particular (I wont mention the name) who
posted some of the prettiest scraps around.
She took some time off and when she came back,
she started selling her scraps. The thing is
she said she would still have freebies..
yeah, right!!! Since she's been back, she
posted like 3 freebies, but pushes her
commercial stuff basically in your face.
Dont get me wrong..I understand fully that
whole "selling" concept. But I dont get
how she can do that to the faithful followers
who were the ones who "told 2 friends & they
told 2 friends..etc".
I dont mean to sound like I am bitter over
freebies...heck..I make my own! But I think
it was wrong to leave all those people in the
dust.And she's not the only one who has done
that, there have been quite a few more.
I am sure you know a few yourself.
So if I do end up getting involved with
selling my wares as they say...you wont
be brushing any of my dust off of you!
The only reason I would even sell is just
so I could pick up more resources to use
so I can produce more scraps. I depend on
alot of dings for my stuff, and while some
are free..the fancier ones cost quite a bit!
I went to several font designer sites and
My Fonts to purchase a few...did I say a few!!!
let me tell you..I couldnt buy one! I mean we
are talking 39.00 - 49.00 bucks just for one!
I had my eye on this set since they came out
and each one of them cost 49.00!! I know its
not an easy job creating fonts, its alot of
work so I can understand why they charge what
they do..but people like me cant afford some-
thing like that. So like I said..if I do get
involved the store..it will be for that only!

OK..I guess enough of my ranting for now..
until then...I bid you a good-bye