Tuesday, July 12, 2011

4TH of July Freebie......


Sorry at times I dont have the time to jump to all the blogs
so this is a bit late..
I posted a freebie on my other blog...its a 4th of July Alpha.

Get the links for them.....

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Colored cardboard Alpha FREEBIE

Here is the new freebie...

Its posted on my blog-n-scraps blog.
This is only the preview, if you'd like
like to get the alpha (and my other freebies)
Please go to:
or you can click this to go straight to
the alpha


Thursday, August 5, 2010

FREEBIE::Another Facebook Layout for you


I made this one usuing papers from my
"Diamond Glow" kit which still can be found
on my blog-n-scraps blog..link is on the right menu.

I hope you are enjoying these

see you later, I have to run.


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

NEW Facebook Layout for August..!!!

hi gang

here is my new Facebook Layout..
This was done using the papers from
my "Decorative Papers" Kit.

I hope you like it..enjoy..!

More to come..! Dont forget to go my other blog for my new
alpha and Quickpages! I just posted them a few days ago..!

Wanna see them?...for those who dont know my other blog,
Please go to:
Babble, Thoughts and Oh Yeah...Scraps..!

See you there.!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Facebook layout- freebie

hi all

here is my latest layout for facebook.
I made this one using papers from my
Suede kit which was from May 2008
and yes, you can still find that kit on
my other blog at:
look under the archives on the right side
menu..all my freebies from day one are still available!

OK..now for the facebook layout...here it is,
as I said before, click on the preview pic and it will
take you PageRage, just follow the instructions.
This is no more than an add-on for your browser.

here is the preview pic:

Another thing about posting these is that I
dont have to make a preview pic and zip up files
then upload both and the post links..sometimes
its a pain because at times my mind is somewhere else
and I end up grabbing the wrong links...or I find Im
not on the right blog..so this is quick and easy, and
who doesnt like that!

Ok ganga, I will see you soon...and yes, I will have
an alpha freebie for you too! Keep an eye out!

By the way, I will be posting only Facebook layouts here
and the scraps will be on blog-n-scraps. Right now tho' I
am posting both on each site until I see how this goes

have a great evening!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

July 2010 Freebie

Hello and welcome to my blog,

As you may have read already, this blog was setup
to post all my Scrapbooking freebies, although I
have another blog for the same reason, this blog will
have "other" freebies as well.

FIRST: Here is the Scrapbook freebie:

Preview Pic:

GET IT.....................HERE


I have been enjoying making page layouts for PageRage,
which is an add-on for Firefox browser. The thing with
this PageRage is that it enables you to change your pages
on Facebook! Yes..Facebook! You can also change your pages
Over at MySpace too. I think this add-on is one of the add-ons
for Firefox. The page layouts are easy to use, you just click on
the Preview link and you decide whether you want to change
just your Profile page or all of your pages!

When you click on the preview pic, it will take you to the
PageRage site where you will see the layout I posted, there
it will show you how to add the add-on to Firefox, which is
easy, no fuss, no muss, you add it like you add any other add-on
which Im sure you have done before. Try it, I think you will
By the way...once you get this add-on, you can also design
your own layouts! Its as easy as uploading a background
pic or pattern and click! Check it out!

this was made from one of my scrapbook kits from
back in July of 2008, the kit was called "Bordered"
This PageRage is quite addictive! But I am enjoying it.

here is the new layout:
Please click the pic to get layout

see you all soon with my new freebie!

ALSO....I have a friend who also does these layouts..you can
find hers here: her name is Lorraine Edwards
Here's here posting from her blog:
You can go to both of her links

Well,I've finally completed my new website as promised,
I will be constantly adding to the backgrounds available for FACEBOOK,
just keep watching.....I've included popular television serials such as
I'll be puttin some GLEE backgrounds on soon so come back here to get more!
The PATTERNS page has backgrounds that will fit MYSPACE,BLOGGER and
TWITTER also! I worked very hard trying to get my backgrounds to
fit all these social sites,got there in the end though phew.

Just remember to right-click on a background,save then upload it to PAGERAGE,
easy installation of a firefox plugin enables your profile to be pimped and prettied
instead of boring and white! See you soon

Friday, March 19, 2010

March Quickpage Freebie

Hello everyone

I have a couple of quickpages for you,
to get them, please go to my other blog


I am still using that blog addy because I

still have quite alot of space there.
I hope this isnt an inconveinance for
you. Right now its easier for me to do
things this way because of time limitations
I thank you for your understanding.
I hope you enjoy these quickpages!
Please let me know what you think of them.

Have a joyous day!