Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Facebook layout- freebie

hi all

here is my latest layout for facebook.
I made this one using papers from my
Suede kit which was from May 2008
and yes, you can still find that kit on
my other blog at:
look under the archives on the right side
menu..all my freebies from day one are still available! for the facebook it is,
as I said before, click on the preview pic and it will
take you PageRage, just follow the instructions.
This is no more than an add-on for your browser.

here is the preview pic:

Another thing about posting these is that I
dont have to make a preview pic and zip up files
then upload both and the post links..sometimes
its a pain because at times my mind is somewhere else
and I end up grabbing the wrong links...or I find Im
not on the right this is quick and easy, and
who doesnt like that!

Ok ganga, I will see you soon...and yes, I will have
an alpha freebie for you too! Keep an eye out!

By the way, I will be posting only Facebook layouts here
and the scraps will be on blog-n-scraps. Right now tho' I
am posting both on each site until I see how this goes

have a great evening!

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