Saturday, September 26, 2009

Sept 2009 update

good morning my friends

I thought that by now I would have moved
over to this blog with all the freebies, but I still
have alot of space on "Blog-n-Scraps" so I will
continue to post the freebies there until I run out
of space, "waste not, want not" like they say!

The link to "Blog-n-Scraps" can be found right
on the right menu (over there------>)

Thank you for your continued support thru all
that has been going on with me. I have gone
thru a few "personal" changes and I didnt want to
lay all of it on you, my efforts for these blogs are
so that you all can enjoy the freebies without all
the "drama" that other sites give. It kind of makes
me feel that you're not really getting a "freebie",
you are still "paying" because of having to read thru
other's life". Dont get me wrong, I am not saying
there's anything wrong in that, we all need to vent,
right? I am just saying I didnt want that for you.

With that, I say again for all your support and kind
words. And I am sorry for not being around for
those months.

I wish you all good health and Happiness!