Sunday, August 3, 2008


Hiya gang!

I am not certain when I will switch to this blogger addy. I originally did this addy for when I ran out of space at blog-n-scraps. So, to be honest...I have no idea what I'm

I tell you this..I do want to learn how to do this xml thing so I can do my own page design.
The ones that they have here are ok, but as we all do, I would like my page to be...well...more me.

Blogger guys have been doing alot of nice updating and creating, and I do like this site very much.
I do wish that the page customization was a little bit easier without having to know things like xml, css etc. yes, there are still ummies like me out here that ont know squat about this stuff. Yes, there are blog theme designers out there an they do great work, but I would prefer to do my own. I never really liked using other peoples work, not that they are bad or anything like that, believe me..I'm no critic! I just prefer to make and use my own. But because I dont know any of that "xml, css, etc" stuff, I have no choice.

Getting back to this blog....what Iam going to do is, finish posting on blog-n-scraps and maybe just post a link to here to get the scraps. then when I figure out something better, than I'll switch (I guess) Another thing I have to do is get use to working on a laptop, right now this touch pad is driving me nuts! And when I get done here, I am going to look up to see about this auto scrolling and auto clicking...honestly, I cant tell you how many times I acciently stopped on a link just to look at the links below it and all of a sudden, the page opens to the link my cursor is on! Gosh thats so annoying!!! I am sure its an easy solution...I just havent found it yet.

OK..until I figure what I am going to do..I will see you at blog-n-scraps!


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